The Devil's Nightmare

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The Devil's Nightmare is a horror movie. It is about seven tourists who are lost and wander into danger. When seven tourists lose their way, a gentleman tells them how to get to their ferry. They ferry is not running so they take refuge in a castle with a dark history. It turns out the gentleman was the Devil and he wanted them in the castle for his own goals. The baron explains over dinner how his ancestor made a pact with the Devil for the souls of people staying in the castle.

Tourists manage to get lost a lot. These tourists may regret deciding to spend a night in a castle.

| 1971 | 1 hr 35 min | 5.9/10
Erika Blanc, Jean Servais, Daniel Emilfork, Lucien Raimbourg
Jean Brisme
Produced By
Pierre-Claude Garnier
The Devil's Nightmare
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Also starring Erika Blanc

Also starring Jean Servais