The Eyes of Thailand

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"The Eyes of Thailand" tells the true story of Soraida Salwala, an enthusiastic woman who committed ten years of her life to helping two elephant landmine survivors, Motala and Mosha, recover from losing their legs after a landmine accident. Salwala opened the world's first elephant hospital in effort to mainly treat elephants who are victim to landmine accidents but also elephants injured from abuse or neglect.

This inspirational documentary tells of the hardships faced from treating the elephant's wounds, building prostheses for elephants, to teaching them how to walk again. Through perseverance and sacrifice the elephants can find new happiness thanks to Salwala's efforts. The film has won 10 awards for its moving story and advocacy of landmine safety.

Narrated by American actress and humanitarian activist Ashley Judd, this film's gripping journey of two elephants and one woman will truly touch the hearts of the audience. The film was directed and produced by Windy Borman.

2012 | | 7.8/10
Lynn Bradach, Sangduen 'Lek' Chailert, Pipope Chokathana, Galen Garwood
Windy Borman
Produced By
Windy Borman, Tim VandeSteeg
The Eyes of Thailand
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