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  • 6.4  (66)

The Frolic is a horror-thriller movie released in 2007. The film revolves around a small town in the United States, where a series of bizarre and gruesome murders take place. The movie centers around a group of people, including a sheriff, a drifter, a mortician, and a scientist, who uncover a supernatural force responsible for these killings.

The film starts with a scene in a forest where a group of teenagers is camping. Something mysterious happens during the night, and one of the campers gets attacked by an unknown creature. The story then shifts focus to the town, where the sheriff (played by Michael Reilly Burke) is investigating a series of gruesome murders that seem to have no logical explanation.

The town is a strange place, full of people with mysterious pasts and motives. One such character is a drifter named Jack (played by Maury Sterling), who arrives in town with a shady past. Jack is a mysterious figure who seems to know more about the killings than he lets on. He also seems to have a connection to the supernatural force that is responsible for these murders.

Another key character in the film is the town's mortician, played by Jennifer Aspen. She is a strange and suspicious character, who has her own secrets to protect. She provides key information to the sheriff that helps him in his investigation, but also seems to be hiding something herself.

As the movie progresses, the characters begin to uncover clues that lead them to a strange laboratory on the outskirts of town. There, they discover the source of the supernatural force that is behind the killings. The laboratory is run by a scientist who has been experimenting with genetic engineering and has created a Monster-like creature that is wreaking havoc in the town.

The final act of the movie involves a showdown between the main characters and the creature in the laboratory. The scene is tense and full of action, with the characters fighting for their lives against an unknown and seemingly invincible foe.

The Frolic is an intense and suspenseful movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout its runtime. The acting is top-notch, with Michael Reilly Burke, Maury Sterling, and Jennifer Aspen delivering solid performances. The plot is well-executed and keeps you hooked till the end. The movie stands out in the horror genre for its unique premise and fresh take on the genre.

Overall, The Frolic is a must-watch for fans of horror and thriller movies. It manages to deliver scares and thrills without relying on cheap jump scares or gore. The movie's unique plot and well-executed story make it a standout in the genre and a classic of early 2000s horror cinema.

The Frolic is a horror movie with a runtime of 21 minutes. It has received moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.4.

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  • Runtime
    21 min
  • IMDB Rating
    6.4  (66)