The Geisha House

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The Geisha House is a Japanese movie which premiered in 1999. The movie starred Maki Miyamoto as Tokiko, a young girl who sees being a geisha as a way out from her current life. The movie is set in 1958 Japan. Miyaoto's character wants a better life from living in poverty and not living hand-to-foot just like her family. She goes to Kyoto and experiences the geisha life in which she dreams of. Throughout the movie, she sees how the government is threatening her new way of life and decides to fight for it. The movie depicts a great deal of beauty as well as sacrifices. It also shows the ways of the Japanese customs before the modern times too.

1999 | 1 hr 53 min | 7.0/10
Maki Miyamoto, Junko Fuji, Kaho Minami, Mai Kitajima
Kinji Fukasaku
The Geisha House
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Also starring Junko Fuji