The Helpers

"Can we help you?"
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The movie, The Helpers, is a horror flick that is about seven pals from Sacramento, California. The friends have made the decision to go on a trip to Las Vegas; the friends are having an enjoyable time in the car until they get to a road block. They have been in the car for a couple hours when one of the tires in the back of the car gets blown out. They come up with a plan after several minutes of arguing with one another. The female friends decide to stay in the car, while the male friends decide to search for help.

As the men search for help, they come across a diner/motel, and the people inside the motel seem to be friendly people. The men think they found someone who will help them with the blown tire because the gas attendant seems to be a friendly guy. The employee lets the men know that he is good with cars.

It looks like everything will work out in the end but that is fair from the truth. The friends experience a lot of bloodshed and gruesome events throughout the night. You will have to watch the film to see what kind of gruesome events occur at the motel. The friends get murdered one by one, and the last friends to get murdered know they are going to die. It turns out the murders were the three killers' way of getting revenge on one of the friend's fathers.

The main star and their respective characters are: Kristen Quintrall as Claire, Denyce Lawton as Brandy, Christopher Jones as Ryan, JoJo Wright as Phil, Rachel Sterling as Anna, Black Thomas as Jordan, Dustin Harnish as Todd, Cameron Diskin as Brad, and Braxton Davis as Steve.

| 2012 | | 4.2/10
Kristen Quintrall, Denyce Lawton, Dustin Harnish, Black Thomas
Brian & Barrett Pictures
Chris Stokes
Produced By
Chris Stokes, Zeus Zamani
The Helpers
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Also directed by Chris Stokes, Christopher B. Stokes

Also starring Kristen Quintrall

Also starring Denyce Lawton

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