The Holding

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  • 2011
  • 1 hr 29 min
  • 4.7  (913)

The Holding is a psychological thriller film directed by Susan Jacobson and released in 2011. Set in the British countryside, the movie follows the story of two criminals, Carl and Scarface, who come across a farm owned by a young woman, Cassie, and her father, who recently passed away. The two men decide to take advantage of the situation and pose as workers in order to steal from the farm, but Carl becomes fixated on Cassie and begins to terrorize her.

The film starts with an ominous scene where a young girl is seen running through the woods, pursued by an unknown person. The story then shifts to Cassie, who is struggling to keep her family farm afloat after her father's death, and is desperately trying to find a way to pay off her debtors. One day, Carl and Scarface come to the farm, pretending to be looking for employment. Cassie and her friend, Jessica, who is also working on the farm, decide to give them a chance, but it soon becomes clear that they have ulterior motives.

Throughout the film, the tension between Cassie and Carl continues to escalate, as Carl becomes increasingly menacing and aggressive towards her. Cassie is forced to confront her fears and fight back against Carl's advances, all while trying to protect her friend and keep the farm running. Meanwhile, Scarface begins to have second thoughts about their plan and grows increasingly wary of Carl's behavior.

The Holding is a slow-building thriller that relies heavily on the atmosphere and tension to create a sense of unease. The cinematography by Ian Howes is breathtaking, capturing the lush greenery of the English countryside and the isolation of the farm. The music by Paul Saunderson also adds to the eerie feeling of the movie, with its haunting melodies and unsettling discordant notes.

The acting in the movie is exceptional, especially from the three main actors: Georgia Groome, who plays Cassie, brings a vulnerability to her role that makes her character sympathetic and relatable. David Bradley, who is best known for playing Argus Filch in the Harry Potter series, gives a menacing performance as Carl, bringing to life the character's unsettling obsession with Cassie. Vincent Regan, who plays Scarface, provides a steady presence that counters Carl's erratic behavior.

Overall, The Holding is a gripping psychological thriller that will keep you on edge until the very end. Director Susan Jacobson skillfully weaves together a story of terror, survival, and redemption, making this movie a must-watch for fans of the genre.

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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    1 hr 29 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    4.7  (913)