The Last Contract

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  • R
  • 1998
  • 1 hr 47 min
  • 6.2  (1,368)

The Last Contract is a Swedish crime thriller movie from 1998 that sees Mikael Persbrandt take on the lead role of Johan Falk, a skilled hitman who finds himself in a troubled situation when his last contract threatens to uncover all of his secrets. Alongside Persbrandt, Michael Kitchen and Pernilla August both deliver strong performances in supporting roles.

The movie is directed by Kjell Sundvall and is part of the successful Johan Falk franchise, which has spawned numerous sequels and spin-offs since its inception. In The Last Contract, Falk is tasked with carrying out a hit on a Serbian war criminal who has made his way to Sweden. However, things soon take a turn for the worse when the hit goes wrong, and Falk finds himself on the wrong side of the law.

Throughout the movie, Falk is hunted down by both the Swedish police and the Serbian mafia, who are out for revenge after he failed to complete his hit. It's a tense and thrilling cat-and-mouse game that keeps the audience on the edge of their seat from start to finish.

As well as the action-packed set pieces, The Last Contract also delves into the emotional side of things, exploring Falk's inner struggles as he begins to question whether he's in the right line of work. This adds a layer of depth to the movie that elevates it above your average action flick.

One of the most impressive aspects of The Last Contract is the way in which it manages to balance the frenetic action with the quieter moments of introspection. At no point does it feel like the movie is sacrificing character development in favor of adrenaline-pumping thrills. Instead, the two elements work together seamlessly to create a well-rounded and engaging story.

Another highlight of the movie is the excellent performances from the cast. Persbrandt is particularly impressive as Falk, managing to convey both the character's tough exterior and his more vulnerable side with ease. Kitchen and August both bring depth and nuance to their respective roles, making the supporting characters just as compelling as the lead.

Of course, no crime thriller is complete without its fair share of twists and turns, and The Last Contract certainly delivers on that front. Without giving too much away, let's just say that the movie's plot is filled with surprises and unexpected developments that keep the audience guessing until the very end.

Overall, The Last Contract is an excellent addition to the Johan Falk franchise and a great standalone movie in its own right. It combines thrilling action with well-developed characters and a strong emotional core, making it a must-see for fans of the crime thriller genre.

The Last Contract
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    6.2  (1,368)