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"They're Dying To Meet You"
  • NR
  • 2003
  • 1 hr 28 min
  • 5.5  (2,140)

The movie The Locals from 2003 is a horror film that takes place in a small town on the coast of New Zealand. The story follows two young men, Grant and Paul, who are on a road trip to the town to surf and party. Upon arriving, they quickly realize that something is off about the locals. The town is eerie, with abandoned buildings and a feeling of isolation. The inhabitants are suspicious of outsiders and seem to be hiding something. Grant and Paul meet a group of locals at a bar and they are initially friendly, but as the night wears on, things take a sinister turn.

While exploring the town, Grant and Paul witness strange and violent events that they cannot explain. They try to leave, but their car breaks down and they are forced to stay in the town overnight. They soon realize that they are not alone and that the locals are determined to keep them there.

The movie employs classic horror tropes, such as jump scares and a sense of creeping dread. The Locals also subverts expectations by playing with the audience's assumptions about small town life. The town seems idyllic at first, but as the night goes on, it becomes clear that something much darker is at play.

The performances in the movie are strong, particularly from Johnny Barker and Dwayne Cameron as Grant and Paul, respectively. Kate Elliott also gives a memorable performance as a local who becomes entangled in the events of the night.

The Locals was filmed on a low budget, but the production values are impressive. The town itself is a character in the movie, with its rundown buildings and misty coastline adding to the overall atmosphere of unease.

Overall, The Locals is a well-crafted horror movie that builds tension steadily until its terrifying conclusion. It is a unique addition to the genre, with its focus on small town life and the dangers that lurk beneath the surface. It is worth a watch for fans of horror and suspense alike.

The Locals
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    1 hr 28 min
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    5.5  (2,140)