The Man Who Used to Be Me

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  • TV-PG
  • 2000
  • 1 hr 32 min
  • 5.0  (211)

The Man Who Used to Be Me is a psychological thriller from the year 2000 that stars William Devane, Rob Estes, and Woody Jeffreys. The movie tells the story of a grown-up boy named Jack (played by Woody Jeffreys), who was kidnapped and taken away from his home at a very young age. The kidnappers raised him as their own and named him Michael Shaughnessy.

Michael goes on to become a successful lawyer and tries his best to leave his past behind. But his memories of the kidnapping haunt him, and he is plagued with nightmares and struggle to understand who he is. One day he goes to visit his old hometown in search of answers, and he discovers that the boy he used to be, Jack, is still alive.

As Michael investigates the truth behind his past and his kidnapping, he begins to blur the lines between his old and new identity, and his sanity starts to deteriorate. He starts to lose touch with reality and has trouble distinguishing between his dreams and reality. He becomes obsessed with finding out the truth about his past, and the more he delves into his past, the more dangerous his present becomes.

Michael's obsession with finding out the truth about his kidnapping leads him astray from his previous success and high status. He becomes caught up in a dark world filled with shady characters that he had previously only known from movies. He starts to indulge in alcohol and drugs, and his life spirals out of control.

Meanwhile, Jack, the boy Michael used to be, has returned to his hometown, and he is finally reunited with his biological parents. Jack has a lot of catching-up to do as he was taken away from his parents when he was very young. He struggles with accepting that he has biological parents who he has to learn how to trust. Jack also has a difficult time comprehending that his new reality is his true reality.

However, Michael's obsession with discovering the truth of his past does not come without consequences. His mental state worsens, and he begins to experience hallucinations and flashbacks to his childhood. He is unable to cope with his past and the reality in front of him. He is consumed by fear and paranoia, and he is convinced that everyone around him is out to get him.

The story of The Man Who Used to Be Me takes viewers on a suspenseful journey that adds layer upon layer of mystery, building up to a shocking finale. William Devane plays Thomas Gilcrist, a friend and lawyer of Michael, who plays a critical part in the story's developments. Rob Estes portrays Jack's biological father, while Chilton Crane plays Jack's mother.

The Man Who Used to Be Me combines thrilling moments and compelling performances to create a psychological drama that will keep audiences hooked from start to finish. It tells a captivating story about the impact of the past on the present and how traumatic childhood experiences can shape an entire life's trajectory.

Overall, this movie is an excellent thriller that keeps the viewer guessing until the very end. The movie showcases the aftermath of a kidnapping and how it affected not only the victim but those around them. It delves into the various psychological and emotional issues that can arise after the victim is saved and tries to adjust to reality. The suspenseful plot and thrilling performances from the cast make this movie a must-watch for fans of the thriller genre.

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