The Missiles of October

"The most powerful docudrama ever produced on The Cuban Missile Crisis"
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The Missiles of October is a 1974 television drama about the Cuban Missile Crisis. The drama was an eye opener for the American public on a number of levels. It was the first time that the general public became aware about how dangerous the situation had been The standoff between the Kennedy administration and the Krushchev-led Soviet Union is the closest the world has come to a nuclear war. The drama focuses the inner actions between the major players in the event such as JFK, Robert Kennedy, Adlai Stevenson and Kruschchev. The script was based on Robert Kennedy’s memoir about the Cuban Missile Crisis.

1974 | 2 hr 30 min | 8.2/10
William Devane, Ralph Bellamy, Howard Da Silva, James Hong
Anthony Page
Produced By
Robert Berger, Herbert Brodkin
The Missiles of October
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