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"Details about his wife, his women and his world, were..."
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  • 1968
  • 1 hr 35 min
  • 6.5  (119)

Inadmissible Evidence is a British drama film from 1968, directed by Anthony Page and written by John Osborne. The film is an adaptation of Osborne's stage play of the same name. The movie follows the story of Bill Maitland (Nicol Williamson), a middle-aged lawyer who is dealing with a severe existential crisis. He is a man who is struggling to make sense of his life, both personal and professional. He is grappling with the feeling that he has wasted his life, that he has compromised on his ideals and values, and that he has lost his sense of purpose.

Maitland is a highly successful lawyer, but he loathes his job, which he sees as a meaningless, soul-sucking routine that has no real value. He spends most of his time drinking, smoking, and indulging in one-night stands, attempting to escape his reality. He tries to convince himself that he is happy in his own way, but it is clear that he is drowning in his despair.

Maitland's personal life is no less complicated. He is going through a bitter divorce, and his soon-to-be ex-wife (Eleanor Fazan) is making his life a living hell. He is also having an affair with a young actress (Jill Bennett), who he uses as a temporary escape from his misery.

The film takes us through Maitland's journey as he tries to come to terms with his past, present, and future. He is haunted by his memories, tormented by his doubts, and paralyzed by his fear. He questions the meaning of his existence and struggles to find a way out of his self-imposed prison.

As the film progresses, we see Maitland's facade slowly crumble, revealing the deeply troubled and vulnerable man beneath. He is forced to confront the consequences of his actions and face the harsh reality of his life. He is pushed to the brink of self-destruction, and we wonder whether he will be able to find a way back from the edge.

The film is a powerful examination of the human condition, probing into themes such as identity, purpose, and regret. It is a deeply personal and intimate portrait of a man who is trying to make sense of his life. It is a film that delves deep into the psyche of its protagonist, leaving no stone unturned in its exploration of his inner workings.

The performances in the film are exceptional, particularly that of Nicol Williamson, who delivers a stunning portrayal of a man on the verge of a breakdown. His performance is raw and authentic, and he brings an intensity to the role that is truly captivating. Eleanor Fazan and Jill Bennett also deliver strong performances, adding depth and nuance to their characters.

The film is visually striking, with a moody and atmospheric cinematography that perfectly captures the bleakness of Maitland's world. The film's score is also noteworthy, with a haunting and melancholic soundtrack that complements the film's themes and mood.

Inadmissible Evidence is a timeless masterpiece that explores the human condition with an unflinching honesty and depth. It is a film that is deeply moving, thought-provoking, and unforgettable. It is a must-see for anyone who is interested in exploring the complexities of the human psyche.

Inadmissible Evidence
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