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  • PG-13
  • 1987
  • 1 hr 22 min
  • 6.9  (34,985)
  • 61

The Monster Squad is a 1987 horror-comedy directed by Fred Dekker. The film follows a group of misfit kids who form a club to hunt monsters, and end up battling Dracula, the Wolfman, the Mummy, and Frankenstein's Monster. The film begins with a prologue set in Transylvania during the 19th century, in which Van Helsing attempts to destroy Dracula, but fails. The story then shifts to the present day, where a group of kids lead by Sean (Andre Gower) and his best friend Patrick (Robby Kiger) are obsessed with monsters. They have a treehouse decorated with posters of creatures like Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and they spend their time watching horror movies and trading monster cards.

One day, Sean's father gets a shipment of artifacts from Europe, including a mysterious amulet that turns out to be the key to opening a portal to limbo, where monsters are imprisoned. Dracula (Duncan Regehr) arrives in town with his minions, seeking the amulet so he can unleash the monsters on the world. Meanwhile, the Monster Squad must try to figure out how to defeat the monsters and save their town.

The Monster Squad is a fun and campy throwback to classic monster movies, with a lot of humor and heart. The kids are relatable and endearing, and the monsters are suitably menacing. There are plenty of scares, but the film also has a goofy sense of humor that keeps it from being too scary for younger viewers.

One of the highlights of the film is the banter between the kids, who have a natural chemistry and play off each other well. Sean is the leader of the group, but his know-it-all attitude occasionally gets him into trouble. Patrick is more laid-back, but has a sharp wit and is always ready with a quip. Horace (Brent Chalem) is the overweight kid who is constantly bullied, but proves to be brave when it counts. Rudy (Ryan Lambert) is the new kid in town who joins the group, and brings some much-needed coolness and expertise in monster hunting. And Phoebe (Ashley Bank) is Sean's younger sister, who is fascinated by the monsters and proves to be a key ally in the fight against evil.

The adult actors are also strong, particularly Stephen Macht as Sean's dad and Tom Noonan as Frankenstein's Monster. Macht is sympathetic and supportive of his son's obsession with monsters, and Noonan imbues his character with a surprising amount of pathos. The special effects are also impressive, particularly the makeup for the monsters, which is both scary and impressive.

The film's screenplay, written by Fred Dekker and Shane Black, is clever and self-aware, parodying the classic monster movies while still paying homage to them. The film has a lot of quotable lines and memorable scenes, such as the iconic moment when the squad realizes they have to get a virgin to read an incantation to destroy the monsters.

The film's tone is a balance between horror and comedy, and while some may find it too silly or juvenile, it's hard not to be charmed by the earnestness of the filmmakers. The film celebrates the magic of childhood, and shows how even the most outcast kids can band together and accomplish great things.

The Monster Squad was not a success at the box office when it was released, but has since gained a cult following for its lovable characters, humor, and nostalgia factor. It's a film that perfectly captures the spirit of the 1980s, when kids could ride bikes unsupervised and play video games at the local arcade. It's a film that reminds us that even in the face of monsters, friendship and bravery can triumph.

In conclusion, The Monster Squad is a classic horror comedy that will appeal to fans of both genres. It's a film that is proudly silly and unpretentious, with a heartwarming message about the power of camaraderie. With its lovable characters, witty dialogue, and impressive monster effects, it's a film that has stood the test of time and remains a beloved cult classic.

The Monster Squad is a 1987 comedy with a runtime of 1 hour and 22 minutes. It has received moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.9 and a MetaScore of 61.

The Monster Squad
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