The Natural History of Parking Lots

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This is a dramatic movie about the relationship between two brothers. When the younger one gets in trouble, their father asks the older one to keep an eye on him. They learn a lot about each other in their time together. Chris is a high school senior when he is caught by the police for joy riding in a stolen car. His father does not have time to deal with him, so he asks Lance, the older brother, to spend time with him. Unknown to their father, Lance works with the underworld. He smuggles guns for a living.

He believes his younger brother will provide him with a good cover for his illegal activities. He does not suspect he will learn to care about him.

1989 | 1 hr 29 min | 7.4/10
Charlie Bean, B. Wyatt, Eli Guralnick, Roy Heidicker
Everett Lewis
Produced By
Aziz Ghazal
The Natural History of Parking Lots
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Also directed by Everett Lewis

Also starring B. Wyatt