The Nest

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A national holiday is being enjoyed by millions of French citizens, and most of them are glued to their televisions watching as one of the country’s most nefarious criminals is being escorted to a criminal proceeding by national and international special forces. At the same time, a group of professional thieves plan to rob a large warehouse filled with high priced electronics. When the motorcade is ambushed the escort takes refuge in the warehouse followed by those who attacked them. Now with three groups in the same building and with very different goals, the action is sure to heat up.

| 2000 | 1 hr 47 min | 6.7/10
Samy Naceri, Benoît Magimel, Nadia Farès, Pascal Greggory
Florent Emilio Siri
Produced By
Claude Carrère, Guillaume Godard, Patrick Gouyou-Beauchamps
The Nest
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Also directed by Florent Emilio Siri

Also starring Samy Naceri