The Perils of Pauline

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  • 1967
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The Perils of Pauline is a delightful comedy adventure film from 1967 directed by Herbert B. Leonard, starring Pat Boone, Terry-Thomas, and Pamela Austin. The movie is a remake of the original 1914 silent film serial of the same name. The story centers on Pauline, a beautiful, innocent, and sometimes silly aspiring actress who lives in Paris with her wealthy aunt. After the aunt passes away, Pauline inherits a substantial fortune but must follow a set of rules in her aunt's will. One of these requirements is that Pauline must become a successful entertainer, or else she will lose her inheritance.

Pauline's journey to fame is riddled with obstacles, thanks to her greedy manager, Koerner (Terry-Thomas), who will stop at nothing to get his hands on Pauline's inheritance. Koerner makes Pauline a star in Paris through a series of outrageous publicity stunts but never allows her to work outside of the country.

Soon enough, Pauline becomes restless and longs for more excitement. She meets and falls in love with Mike, played by Pat Boone, an American journalist who wants to expose Koerner's schemes. Together, they travel to Egypt, where Pauline agrees to perform in a film, unaware of Koerner's plan to kidnap her for ransom.

The rest of the movie follows Pauline's adventures through various locations, such as a desperate attempt to escape a collapsing pyramid in Egypt, being kidnapped by Arab bandits, and even surviving a shipwreck.

The Perils of Pauline is a classic comedy adventure film that features a fast-paced and entertaining storyline with great humor, action, and romance. Pat Boone shines in his role as Mike, the charming and dashing journalist who eventually becomes Pauline's love interest.

Terry-Thomas, as the villainous Koerner, gives a perfect performance that adds the right level of tension to the movie. Pamela Austin delivers a lovable portrayal of Pauline, capturing her fun-loving and adventurous spirit.

The movie also benefits from its vibrant production design, which brings the various exotic locations to life, including a colorful Roman Forum that makes for a stunning backdrop for one exciting scene.

Overall, The Perils of Pauline is an enjoyable film that is perfect for audiences of all ages. The movie tells a classic tale of a woman's journey to find success and love, but with a twist of humor and thrilling adventures.

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