The Revenant

"What could be worse than having your best friend die?"

The film Revenant is about 2nd Lt. Bart Gregory who is killed in Iraq under unexplained causes. However, Bart finds himself not really dead, but more of a cross between a vampire and zombie that he needs blood to stop decaying and able to re-animate on off-daylight hours. His friend told him, after hours of research, that he is a Revenant.

Bart and Joey become accidental vigilantes after killing and feeding off from a gangster who is holding up a store. On the their next act of vigilantism, Joey gets fatally wounded and Bart is forced to save Joey’s life by drinking his blood. They continue their vigilantism until Mathilda threatens to report them to the authorities. Mathilda eventually dies, but sends an information to Janet about them.

Bart and Joey decides to disappear for good. Janet suddenly appears. Bart then explains what he is. Bart loses control and drains Janet dead. Joey returns to the apartment and sees Janet’s corpse. The two fight.

Bart eventually got caught by the SWAT. However, he manages to escape in the morgue when he awakens.

Bart finds Joey’s head still alive. Joey warns that the first gangbanger they killed is after them. Joey asks Bart to kill him for good. Bart agrees, and finds a way to kill himself after that.

He then attempts to kill himself in different ways but fails in succeeding. Bart once again flees from the SWAT who are attempting to arrest him. Bart then collapses at dawn, surrounded by men wearing hazmat suits.

The film the proceeds to a scene in which military personnel are given a tour to witness revenants, including Bart, confined in glass containers. Bart then has a conversation with General.

The final scene is about Bart, being stored in a large canister. He is being airdropped in Iran, specifically the Khuzestan Province. The military is planning to ‘release’ them in the said country.

| 2012 | 1 hr 55 min | 6.3/10
D. Kerry Prior
The Revenant

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