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"Once you believe... you're dead!"
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Fear of The Dark is a horror film that was written by John Sullivan and K.C. Bascombe, who also directed. The story begins with some children playing baseball. A ball breaks through the glass of a room, landing upon the floor. The kids are spooked but one is sent off to get the ball anyway. The other kids lock the door on the boy who went to get the ball.

A shadow falls upon the room going from one end to the other. The trapped boy begins to scream after seeing something that has really panicked him.

The boy suddenly stops screaming. Next, in an institution, a kid enters an empty house with a key. We believe he is alone until we see that his mother is actually in the basement.

After he talks with his mom, the boy goes upstairs. Before long, he begins to blink rapidly at the top of the stairs. The boy is afraid of the dark because he had been locked in the basement by the boys.

He has been cut badly on his shoulder, but is unclear how. It is apparent that there is a spirit who is playing around with the boy and taunting him. While he sits in the house with his brother alone, he tries to watch cartoons but the TV changes channels on its own to show Evil Dead 2.

Things get progressively more frightening as strange sounds are heard from nowhere and lights flicker during a thunderstorm. Finally, the lights go entirely out. The boy's name is Ryan. Panicked, he screams - insisting that the dark is actually alive and that something is trying to get him.

His sister appears and offers information about something that occurred in the house long ago. The ghosts became restless after he was thrown into the basement after the ball. From that time, the ghosts have felt the need to defend their territory.

| 2003 | 1 hr 26 min | 5.4/10
Kevin Zegers, Jesse James, Rachel Skarsten, Charles Edwin Powell
K.C. Bascombe

Also directed by K.C. Bascombe

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