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"Everyone has a void to fill."
  • R
  • 2004
  • 1 hr 23 min
  • 4.5  (2,179)

The Hollow is a horror movie from 2004, directed by Kyle Newman and featuring a cast of young actors, including Kevin Zegers, Kaley Cuoco, and Nick Carter. The movie follows a group of high school friends who decide to spend the weekend in a remote island off the coast of Louisiana. There, they come across a mystery involving a curse, a legend, and a vengeful spirit that haunts the place.

The story begins with Ian Cranston (Kevin Zegers) and his girlfriend, Karen (Kaley Cuoco), planning a weekend getaway to a deserted island that Ian inherited from his family. They invite their friends, Geoff (Jesse Hutch) and his girlfriend, Chloe (Stefanie von Pfetten), as well as Eric (Nick Carter), who is the odd one out of the group. Despite the warnings of the locals, the friends set out to explore the island and have some fun.

However, things quickly turn sour when they discover that the island is haunted by the vengeful spirit of a witch who was burned at the stake centuries ago. Legend has it that the witch cursed the island and anyone who sets foot on it. Soon, the friends start experiencing strange occurrences, including visions, nightmares, and violent attacks. They realize that they are not alone on the island and that the witch is determined to kill them all.

As the night goes on, the friends must use their wits and bravery to survive the witch's wrath and uncover the truth behind the curse. They come across clues and artifacts that reveal the history of the island and the origin of the witch's curse. They also discover that Eric is not who he seems to be and that his presence on the island may have a sinister purpose.

The Hollow is a typical horror movie that incorporates elements of suspense, mystery, and gore. The cinematography is dark and moody, creating a sense of foreboding and isolation. The soundtrack is eerie and haunting, enhancing the tension and fear. The special effects are decent, but not groundbreaking, with some scenes relying more on practical effects than CGI.

One of the strengths of the movie is the cast, who deliver decent performances despite the limited character development. Kevin Zegers is convincing as the hero who must confront his past and his fears. Kaley Cuoco brings a touch of vulnerability and sassiness to her role as the girlfriend who stands by her man. Nick Carter, in a rare acting role, shows some range as the enigmatic outsider who may or may not be trustworthy. The supporting cast, including Jesse Hutch and Stefanie von Pfetten, add some comic relief and drama to the mix.

On the downside, the movie suffers from some predictability and clichés, such as the jump scares, the creepy old lady, and the final twist. The pacing is uneven, with some scenes dragging on and others rushing through the plot. The script also leaves some loose ends and unanswered questions, which may frustrate some viewers.

Overall, The Hollow is a decent horror movie that offers some scares and thrills for fans of the genre. It may not be a classic or a standout movie, but it's worth a watch if you're in the mood for some spooky fun.

The Hollow
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    4.5  (2,179)