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  • 2006
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The Safe Side: Internet Safety is a 2006 documentary film that focuses on educating children and their parents about the potential dangers of the Internet. The film is directed by Julie Clark, and Angela Shelton, John Walsh, and Carol Cordova appear as hosts and experts on Internet safety. The film opens with a catchy song titled "The Safe Side Rap," which sets the tone for the entire film. It features a group of young children rapping about different aspects of Internet safety such as not sharing personal information online and being mindful of online strangers.

The first segment of the film is an animated sequence that introduces the audience to the main characters: Buddy and his younger sister, Monty. Buddy is an online-savvy boy, while Monty is portrayed as a naive child who needs his help to navigate the Internet safely.

The hosts then start discussing the different types of online predators that exist and how they use the Internet to lure children. They also explain the concept of "grooming" and how predators manipulate children into trusting them through online chats.

The film then moves on to discuss cyberbullying, which has become increasingly prevalent over the years. Through a series of examples, the hosts illustrate how words typed over the Internet can hurt just as much as physical bullying.

The film then focuses on social media and how children can safeguard their information on these platforms. The hosts emphasize the importance of setting privacy settings correctly and only accepting friend requests from people they know in real life.

One of the highlights of the film is a segment where John Walsh, host of America's Most Wanted, talks about his experience with online predators. Walsh's son, Adam, was abducted and murdered in 1981, and Walsh has been a strong advocate for child safety ever since. Walsh's message serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of vigilance in protecting children from predators.

The film also covers other essential topics such as password safety, the dangers of downloading content from unknown sources, and the importance of telling a trusted adult about any suspicious online behavior.

Throughout the film, there are skits, animations, and songs that use humor and music to make learning about Internet safety engaging and fun for children. The film also features interviews with children, parents, and experts on Internet safety, which add a personal touch to the information presented.

Overall, The Safe Side: Internet Safety is an informative and engaging film that conveys essential information about Internet safety for children and their parents. It manages to balance a serious topic with humor and music to make learning about the dangers of the Internet more accessible for younger viewers. The film is a valuable resource for parents and educators who are looking to educate children about staying safe online.

The Safe Side: Internet Safety
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