The Search For Bridey Murphy

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The Search For Bridey Murphy is a dramatic movie. It is about an experiment in hypnotism. A doctor sets out to study hypnotism for his own knowledge. He hypnotizes the wife of one of his friends. The session reveals an earlier life for this woman as Bridey Murphy, an Irish woman. The doctor requests the woman sit through several sessions so he can get more facts about Bridey. He then attempts to trace her through historical records to confirm her existence.

The focus of this story is on a woman who may or may not exist. A woman is accidentally regressed through the use of hypnotism and another woman's history is explored.

| 1956 | 1 hr 24 min | 6.2/10
Teresa Wright, Louis Hayward, Nancy Gates, Kenneth Tobey
Noel Langley
The Search For Bridey Murphy
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Also starring Teresa Wright