The Seventh Continent

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The Seventh Continent is a drama based on the true story of a middle class Australian family that ended up committing suicide. The movie is about the last living years of the family. Georg is the father and an engineer. Anna is the wife and an optician and Evan is their daughter. They are living a normal life with hopes of moving out of Australia and beginning a new life, but instead end up destroying themselves for no obvious reason. In various scenes, the movie eventually reveals the family's discontent with the routine of every day life.

Not Rated
| 1989 | 1 hr 44 min | 7.7/10 | 89/100
Birgit Doll, Dieter Berner, Leni Tanzer, Udo Samel
Michael Haneke
Produced By
Veit Heiduschka
The Seventh Continent
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