The Soldier

"You don't assign him. You unleash him."

In the movie The Soldier, the KGB is threatening Israel with a nuclear weapon in a Saudi Arabian Ghawar oil field. Which if the KGB detonates, will destroy half of the world’s oil reserve. In order to get the KGB to not denote the nuclear device, they want Israel to withdraw their settlements from West Bank. The KGB's involvement, however, is unknown to Israel. The president of America is compelled to start a war with Israel to save the world's oil supply.

In the film the main character, CIA agent code name: "The Soldier", is put on the case and it is up to him and his team of four agents to discover the KGB's involvement and ultimately stop their attack on the Saudi Arabian oil supply, while also keeping the United States from going to war with Israel.

| 1982 | 1 hr 36 min | 5.2/10
Ken Wahl, Alberta Watson, Jeremiah Sullivan, William Prince
James Glickenhaus
The Soldier
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The Soldier 1982 TV trailer|0:31
The Soldier 1982 TV trailer|0:31