The Stanford Prison Experiment

"They were given 2 weeks. It lasted 6 days."

The Stanford Prison Experiment is a dramatic retelling of a true story. A select group of college students volunteer for what they think is going to be easy money. What they don't know is that they're about to take part in what will become a cautionary tale in experimental design for decades to come. Some of the students playact the role of a prison inmate, while the other students are given the role of guards. It's intended to see what changes in social roles will do to personality and interaction. But as the study goes on it becomes clear that power, even imaginary power, can be a corrupting force. The students quickly begin to turn on each other in terrifying ways.

| 2015 | 2 hr 1 min | 6.9/10
Kyle Patrick Alvarez
The Stanford Prison Experiment

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