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"How Long Has It Been Since You Did Something You Always Wanted to Do--But Didn't Dare?"
  • R
  • 1971
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 5.2  (139)

The Steagle is a 1971 comedy-drama film directed by Paul Sylbert and starring Richard Benjamin, Chill Wills, and Cloris Leachman. The movie is set in the year 1968, against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, protests against it, and the emerging counterculture movement of the time. The film follows the story of an absurdist prankster who hatches a plan to steal a B-52 bomber from a military airbase to cause chaos and disrupt the war effort.

The main character of the movie is a hippie named Harold Weiss (Richard Benjamin), who lives in Southern California and works as a writer for a counterculture magazine. Harold is disillusioned with the political establishment and the war in Vietnam and sees himself as a radical activist who wants to change the world. He spends his time playing pranks on unsuspecting people, such as stealing a fire truck or a police car, and his latest target is the military.

Harold comes up with the idea of stealing a B-52 bomber from a nearby airbase, and he recruits a few of his friends to help him pull off the heist. The group includes a middle-aged veteran named Pop (Chill Wills) who has PTSD and is deeply conflicted about the war, a young woman named Sandy (Pamela Zinszer), who is Harold's girlfriend and a fellow counterculture enthusiast, and a hippie couple named Moonbeam (Susanne Zenor) and Ecstacy (Steven Piel).

As the group prepares for the heist, they have to contend with various obstacles and distractions, such as an angry landlord who wants to evict Harold from his apartment, a nosy neighbor who is suspicious of their activities, and a rival group of pranksters who are also planning a big stunt.

The movie is full of absurd and satirical moments, such as when Harold and his friends dress up in military uniforms to sneak into the airbase or when they use a psychedelic bus to transport the stolen bomber to a remote location. There are also poignant and serious moments, particularly when Pop reflects on his experiences in Vietnam and the toll they have taken on his mental health.

The Steagle is a movie that captures the spirit of the times in which it was made, with its mix of irreverence, social commentary, and anti-establishment sentiment. The film's portrayal of the counterculture movement and its critique of the Vietnam War are still relevant today, and its message of hope and rebellion against authority is inspiring.

The performances of the actors in the movie are strong, particularly Richard Benjamin's portrayal of Harold as a lovable rogue who is driven by idealism and a desire for change. Chill Wills is also impressive as Pop, the conflicted veteran who is struggling to reconcile his patriotic duty with his personal morality.

Overall, The Steagle is a unique and memorable movie that will appeal to fans of counterculture cinema, political satire, and comedic heist movies. Its themes of rebellion, activism, and hope are still relevant today, and its humor and style will entertain and engage a new generation of viewers.

The Steagle
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