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  • R
  • 2009
  • 4.4  (216)
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The Trouble with Romance is a 2007 romantic comedy-drama film directed by Gene Rhee. The movie follows four couples and their experiences in romantic and sexual relationships. The first couple is made up of a middle-aged husband named Sam (John Churchill) and his much younger wife, Terry (Josie Davis). Their marriage has become stale and lacks intimacy. Sam is no longer able to perform in bed and they struggle to reconnect.

The second couple is comprised of an engaged couple named Tom (David Eigenberg) and Lily (Jordan Belfi). They are constantly fighting and bickering, but still plan to get married. Lily is unsure about her feelings for Tom and wonders if she's making a mistake.

The third couple is made up of co-workers named Julie (Sheila Kelley) and Mark (Kip Pardue). Julie is secretly in love with Mark, but he is oblivious to her affections. Julie decides to take a risk and confess her feelings to Mark.

The fourth couple is comprised of two strangers, Tony (Jordan Bridges) and Maggie (Dagney Kerr), who meet in a bar. They end up having a one-night stand, but soon discover that they have nothing in common and struggle to make small talk.

As the movie progresses, each couple's problems become more complicated and their relationships become more strained. The characters explore themes of infidelity, jealousy, and commitment.

The film's narrative is presented in a nonlinear fashion, jumping back and forth between the different couples and their stories. The movie also features a soundtrack of indie rock songs, which adds to its quirky and lighthearted tone.

Overall, The Trouble with Romance is an honest and humorous take on modern relationships. It tackles difficult issues with sensitivity and insight, while also providing plenty of laughs. The movie's talented cast delivers strong performances, helping to make each story feel unique and relatable.

The Trouble with Romance
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