The Untold

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  • R
  • 2002
  • 1 hr 32 min
  • 3.5  (2,040)

The Untold is a 2002 supernatural horror film, directed by Jonas Quastel and starring Lance Henriksen, Andrea Roth, and Russell Ferrier. The story begins with a family happily living in their newly bought house before strange occurrences start to happen. The family begins to experience sleepwalking, hearing unexplainable noises, and strange ghost-like apparitions. The family's patriarch, Edward Corliss (Lance Henriksen), a science professor, tries to reason away the strange happenings in the house. However, the phenomenon seems to have a more significant hold on them than anyone imagines.

These paranormal activities escalate when the family's teenage daughter, Chelsea (Robin Mossley), is attacked by a demon-like figure. Further investigations into the house reveal that it was built on the same land where an asylum once stood. It's believed that the spirits of insane patients who were held captive in that asylum still haunt the land.

Chelsea's father, Edward, seeks answers about the real history of the house and why these paranormal occurrences have started to happen. He discovers that the previous owner of the house did some strange experiments to harness dead energy from the bodies of the asylum patients. The experiments were conducted with the help of a former asylum attendant, Jonas (Russell Ferrier) who still has an interest in anyone investigating the strange occurrences in the house.

Amidst these tense situations, Chelsea's mother, Joanna (Andrea Roth), starts to feel like an outsider in her own family. She senses some dark energy trying to manipulate her into doing something that she doesn't want to do. Edward and Joanna attempt to flee the house with their daughter. However, they realize it is too late, and the demon presence has already taken hold of their lives.

The film's plot takes a dramatic turn when Joanna comes face-to-face with her possessed daughter. She fights to save her daughter's soul while a sinister and dark presence tries to take over. The real history of the house and its dark past slowly unfolds, as Edward, Joanna, and Chelsea fight for their lives against the deadly spirits.

The Untold is a slow-burning horror film that gradually builds its suspense as the film progresses. The film's climactic scenes are both terrifying and blood-curdling, with an appropriately uneasy score that heightens the tension. Additionally, the excellent acting performances by the main cast and a well-written script make the film more intriguing.

Overall, The Untold is a classic supernatural horror movie, delivering a decent story with some suspenseful and chilling moments. It has all the essential ingredients of a classic horror film, including possessed bodies, dark and brooding atmosphere, and a thrilling climax that keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you love horror movies that are slow-burning and original, then this movie is worth checking out.

The Untold
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    1 hr 32 min
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    3.5  (2,040)