The Victors

"A Shattering Entertainment Experience!"
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This British American drama about World War II, based on a short story collection by Alexander Baron, tells the story of a group of American soldiers as they fight in various fronts in France, Italy and other regions around Europe. Rather than having a central plot, this film showcases a series of dramatic vignettes about war, each with its own beginning and ending. The soldiers in each vignette are not portrayed as gung-ho and inspired heroes, but rather as real men with flaws, weary of fighting, who at times can be cruel, racist and sexually crude.

1963 | 2 hr 55 min | 7.0/10
Vince Edwards, Albert Finney, George Hamilton, Melina Mercouri
Carl Foreman
Produced By
Carl Foreman
The Victors
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Also starring Vince Edwards