The Warrior And The Slave Girl

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  • 1958
  • 1 hr 20 min
  • 5.3  (194)

The Warrior And The Slave Girl is a 1958 Italian film directed by Vittorio Cottafavi. The movie is set in ancient Rome and narrates the story of the warrior Arrico (Ettore Manni) and his slave girl Miriam (Gianna Maria Canale), who fall in love despite the social and cultural barriers that separate them. The movie opens to show the Roman General Crassus (Mario Feliciani) returning from war with a group of prisoners, including Miriam. Arrico, who is part of Crassus' army, is assigned to take care of the prisoners. He immediately notices Miriam's beauty and treats her kindly, which earns him a slap from Crassus. Nevertheless, the bond between Arrico and Miriam grows stronger as they travel together, and they eventually fall in love.

Miriam, however, is already betrothed to a wealthy merchant, Rufio (Raffaello Padellaro), who intends to marry her as soon as she arrives in Rome. When she tells Arrico about her engagement, he becomes furious and insists on buying her freedom from Rufio. Miriam tries to convince him that it is impossible, but Arrico does not give up, and with the help of his friend Livio (Nando Tamberlani), he puts his plan into action.

Meanwhile, Crassus has his own political motives and is planning to overthrow the Roman Senate with the help of his army. He orders Arrico and his men to join him, but Arrico refuses, causing Crassus to condemn him to death. In a dramatic turn of events, Arrico manages to escape from prison and is joined by Miriam and Livio, who have also managed to escape from Rufio's grasp.

The trio makes their way to the Senate to warn them of Crassus' plot, but they are too late. Crassus and his army have already taken over the Senate, and the city is in chaos. Arrico decides to fight against Crassus, but he is mortally wounded in the process. Miriam stays by his side until the end, mourning the loss of her beloved warrior.

The Warrior And The Slave Girl is a classic epic movie that transports the audience to ancient Rome. The film is endowed with excellent cinematography and remarkable sets that add to the authenticity of the plot. The lead actors, Gianna Maria Canale and Ettore Manni, give outstanding performances, bringing to life the complexity of their characters.

The movie raises questions about love, social status, and power. Arrico and Miriam's love is forbidden due to their different social status, and Rufio's greed and Crassus' thirst for power add to the conflict. The movie showcases the vulnerability of those without power and how the lack of human dignity was a prevalent issue in ancient Rome.

In conclusion, The Warrior And The Slave Girl is a captivating movie that will undoubtedly transport the viewer to ancient Rome. It is an excellent example of Italian cinema and a must-watch for those who enjoy epic movies shot in outstanding locations. The Warrior And The Slave Girl is a tale of love, heroism, and sacrifice that resonates with the audience long after the movie ends.

The Warrior And The Slave Girl
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    5.3  (194)