The Werewolf of Woodstock

"Hippie Hatin' Wolf Man"

When a farmer, a hippie hater, shows up at the Woodstock site, he finds a piece of equipment one of the musicians left behind. While trying to destroy the equipment, the farmer gets shocked by electricity. When he goes to the doctor, the doctor treats the injuries, bandages him up, tells him to get plenty of rest and that there's nothing to be worried about.

Meanwhile, an amateur hippie band is planning to record an album on the same stage where famous folk and rock artists had performed, but their plans to record their album are interrupted by the police and...a hairy creature.

| 1975 | 2 hr | 4.0/10
Michael Parks, Harold J. Stone, Meredith MacRae, Ann Doran
John Moffitt
The Werewolf of Woodstock
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