The White Massai

Carola is a young lady who has spent the past few years being in a deep and committed relationship with her boyfriend, Stefan. They do everything together and their latest adventure has led them to the beautiful and diverse country of Kenya. It is there that they meet a handsome young tribal leader who towers over the other men in his village. His strikingly good looks and charismatic personality makes him a well-respected member of the tribe. Carola instantly falls for the young tribal leader, and wants to stay in Kenya to be with him. After she sends her boyfriend back to Switzerland, Carola sets off to find the tribal leader.

| 2005 | 2 hr 11 min | 6.5/10
Nina Hoss, Jacky Ido, Katja Flint, Antonio Prester
Constantin Film
Hermine Huntgeburth
The White Massai
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White Masai Trailer|2:20
White Masai Trailer|2:20