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"His Life Is a Special Effect..."
  • PG
  • 1988
  • 1 hr 35 min
  • 7.0  (2,091)

In 1988, writer, director, and star Mike Jittlov brought his imaginative talents to the big screen with the release of The Wizard of Speed and Time. This unique film follows the adventures of a young animator named Mike Jittlov (played by the real-life Jittlov) who is determined to create the greatest animated film of all time. He faces numerous obstacles in his quest, from the pressures of the entertainment industry to the limitations of his own resources, but he never gives up.

The titular "Wizard of Speed and Time" is a character that Jittlov creates within his own film, a superhero who can move at incredible speeds and manipulate time itself. As Jittlov works on his animation, he frequently steps into this character's shoes, racing through the streets to beat deadlines and frantically manipulating his own film to get the perfect shot. The Wizard becomes a symbol of Jittlov's own determination and creativity, a force that helps him overcome his own doubts and the obstacles that stand in his way.

Throughout the film, Jittlov is joined by a colorful cast of characters, including his friends and fellow animators Richard Kaye and Paige Moore. Kaye is a hilarious scene-stealer as a neurotic and somewhat obsessive animator who constantly bickers with Jittlov, while Moore brings a sweet and supportive energy to the film as Jittlov's love interest. Other characters include a sleazy agent, a grumpy film editor, and a hyperactive child who acts as Jittlov's assistant.

The story of The Wizard of Speed and Time is divided into several different segments, each of which explores a different aspect of Jittlov's life and work. In one sequence, Jittlov shows off his incredible stop-motion animation skills by creating a miniature world filled with robots and spaceships. In another, he battles a giant monster with the help of his Wizard alter-ego. Later in the film, Jittlov must come up with a new animated short in just a few days, leading to a madcap race against time to get the project finished before the deadline.

One of the most unique aspects of The Wizard of Speed and Time is the way it blends live-action footage with animation. Jittlov frequently steps into his own animated scenes, interacting with cartoon characters and projecting his own creativity onto the screen. The film also incorporates plenty of practical effects and visual tricks, such as Jittlov using a real-life toy train set to create the illusion of a moving camera.

Despite its low budget and unconventional style, The Wizard of Speed and Time gained a loyal cult following after its release. Many viewers were struck by the film's inspiring message about the power of creativity and perseverance, and its combination of live-action and animation helped it stand out from other independent films of its time. Jittlov's work has influenced numerous filmmakers and animators since its release, and it continues to inspire new generations of artists to this day.

Overall, The Wizard of Speed and Time is a whimsical and inspiring film that celebrates the power of creativity and imagination. Its mix of live-action and animation, combined with its charming cast of characters and delightful visual tricks, make it a unique and unforgettable viewing experience. For fans of independent filmmaking and animation, The Wizard of Speed and Time is a must-see film that remains just as vibrant and entertaining today as it was over 30 years ago.

The Wizard of Speed and Time
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