The Woman Who Came Back

"Hate-filled eyes...Accusing fingers...Whispered words...All repeated this dread phrase..."LORNA WEBSTER IS A WITCH!""

The Girl Who Came Back is a 1945 horror movie about an offbeat girl convinced that she is a witch, a decision, which finally results in mass panic in town to where she has just returned to. It was directed by Walter Colmes. The main character, Lorna Webster, is the final descendant of witchhunter Elijah Webster, who burned fifteen girls in the stake for witchcraft. Following a number of unusual events, including a bouquet of flowers Lorna starts to consider a supernatural power is taking charge of her life.

She discovers a confession, which describes a bizarre deal with a witch as well as the demon and starts to examine the documents of Elijah Websters’. Her spirit will pass to the body of the closest young woman, who will get her black powers if the witch perishes.

| 1945 | 1 hr 8 min | 6.0/10
John Loder, Nancy Kelly, Otto Kruger, Ruth Ford
The Woman Who Came Back
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Also directed by Walter Colmes

Also starring John Loder