Things That Hang from Trees

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Things That Hang From Trees is a drama film that is set during 1969 in Saint Augustine, Florida. The film was released in theaters in 2006. Things That Hang From Trees is about a misunderstood young boy that who wishes to see the town's fireworks from atop the lighthouse in Saint Augustine. The eight year old boy's life is complicated by an abusive relationship with his father, and his mother who is the owner of a sex shop. Living alone, mother and son are misunderstood and even harassed by townspeople. The young boy named Tommy does get to witness the fireworks from the lighthouse but in the end he sees much more than fireworks going on in Saint Augustine.

| 2006 | | 5.7/10
Cooper Musgrove, Peter Gerety, Laila Robins, Daniel von Bargen
Things That Hang from Trees is a 2006 drama film, directed by Ido Mizrahy and written by Aaron Louis Tordini. It is based on the novella of the same name by Aaron Louis Tordini (pen name T. A. Louis) (ISBN 0-9721072-1-5) Contents 1 Cast 2 Distribut
Things That Hang from Trees
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Also directed by Ido Mizrahy