Those Redheads From Seattle

"Tops in music! Fast in action!"
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Those Redheads From Seattle is a musical and western film from the 1960s about a recently widowed woman who takes her four gorgeous daughters to Alaska to find a new life. The plot takes place during the 1898 Gold Rush and Mrs. Edmonds believes that she and her unmarried children will have a much more fulfilling life there. When the four girls find out, one decides to become a dancer, another becomes a singer, the third becomes a nurse and the fourth on decides to run the newspaper company that previously belonged to their father. The women attempt to run out the current owner of the newspaper company.

| 1953 | 1 hr 30 min | 5.8/10
Rhonda Fleming, Gene Barry, Agnes Moorehead, Teresa Brewer
Pine-Thomas Productions
Lewis R. Foster
Produced By
William H. Pine, William C. Thomas
Those Redheads From Seattle
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