Time of the Wolf

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Time of the Wolf, originally "Le Temps Du Loup," begins with a massive disaster that has rendered most water unclean and all livestock to have charred into uselessness. As a family flees from a major city, they stumble across a country residence that turns out to already have several squatters. The squatters attack the family, forcing them to retreat without any form of supplies or transportation. As the family continually seeks out aid from other villagers, they are continually chased off until eventually coming upon a train station. It's their hope that a train will arrive, taking them to sanctuary.

2002 | 1 hr 27 min | 6.3/10
Burt Reynolds, Marthe Keller, Devin Douglas Drewitz, Jason Priestley
Rod Pridy
Produced By
Paco Alvarez, Frank Hübner
Time of the Wolf
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Also starring Marthe Keller