Tjenare Kungen

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This heartwarming and endearing motion picture tells the tale of a small town girl, with very big dreams. Abra is a young teenager who is widely regarded in her community as an outcast. The way she looks and acts along with the way she dresses makes her an unconventional young lady. Abra has big dreams of becoming a punk rock musician. She becomes absolutely enamored when her favorite punk rock band comes to town. She ends up going to the show and leaving with the band after the show ends. Along her incredible journey, she appreciates the feeling of being accepted for who she is, and she even begins to put together her own punk rock group.

2005 | 1 min
Josefin Neldén, Cecilia Wallin, Malin Larsson
Ulf Malmros
Produced By
Lena Rehnberg
Tjenare Kungen
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