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The movie revolves around a Muslim couple Noorjahan (Mamta Mohandas) aka Noora and Shahjahan (Krish J. Sathaar) .The movie begins showing Noora in the hospital for delivery. It seems that she is having some complications. Depressed Shahjahan goes away from the hospital just only to meet with an accident hitting his head to a stone. The movie takes a flashback. Noorjahan is a social activist, who also wins 1 crore rupees from the game show Crorepati to offer it to the orphanage. And Shahjahan is a Sufi singer. She uses "Phone-a-Friend" lifeline, and calls Shahjahan to help her answer the last question which was based on Sufi singers, to which he gives her the correct answer. Soon it is telecasted on the TV. From that day onwards Shahjahan tries to meet Noora whom he has never met. Finally she falls in love and proposes Shahjahan in a public mall for marriage. In the wedding ceremony of Dr.Sreeparvathi (Archana Kavi) Noora's close and childhood friend Shahjahan kisses Noora to teach her a lesson for insulting him in public, in front of everyone to which all blame Noora for this. Shahjahan regrets and asks Noora to forgive and finally both get married with a lot of celebrations. One day Noora and her friends along with their husbands go on an outing and while Noora and Shahjahan are boating Noora faints and falls into water it is revealed that she is pregnant.After somedays blood comes out of Noora's nose .But Dr.Sajan Varghese (Nedumudi Venu) tells the couple to abort the child as Noora was suffering from DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy) causing her heart to work slowly which may create complications during the delivery and even death. But the couple decide to continue with her pregnancy and leaves the rest in God's hands. Finally the delivery date comes and Noora is admitted to the hospital. The whole town prays for Noora as she was good activist. Now the movie comes back to Shahjahan's accident. Shahjahan has got severe head injury. By God's grace Noora and her baby are out of danger. Both Shahjahan and Noora are in the same ICU room. And seeing Shahjahan injured her health becomes critical. The doctor advises the family to get a heart donor as Noora's heart has to be tranplanted immediately within 48 hours. Finally a donor is found and Noora is alright. When the media asks the doctors about the donor's name Dr.Varghese replies that he is a man who loved Noora and touched her heart who comes out to be Brother James (Ramesh Pisharody).

2014 | 2 hr 19 min | 5.5/10
Mamta Mohandas, Krish Sathar, Archana Kavi, Kaniha
Babu Narayanan
Produced By
Muhammed Ansar

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