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"The Miracle of Pictures"
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  • 1931
  • 2 hr 2 min
  • 6.1  (1,102)

Trader Horn is an adventurous drama movie that was released in 1931. It tells the story of a fearless African trader called Alfred Aloysius Horn, also known as Trader Horn. Harry Carey plays the adventurous trader, while Edwina Booth portrays his companion, Peru, and Duncan Renaldo plays the native African warrior, Rencharo. The movie is set in the early 20th century and follows Horn and Peru on their journey through Africa in search of ivory. The movie opens with Horn and Peru on their way to meet another trader, known as Andy Barnes, somewhere in the African jungle. Along the way, they encounter various challenges such as dangerous animals, unfriendly natives, and treacherous terrain. Eventually, they find Barnes, who asks Horn to help him rescue his daughter, Sheila, who was kidnapped by a tribe of natives known as the Dagnyis.

Horn and Peru agree to help, and they embark on a dangerous rescue mission. Along the way, they meet several native tribes, some friendly and others hostile. They also encounter wild animals such as lions and elephants, which add to the danger of their journey. The group also gets caught in a storm that causes their boat to capsize, and they are forced to continue their journey on foot.

Despite the many obstacles they face, Horn, Peru, and Barnes continue their journey, determined to rescue Sheila. Along the way, they also learn about the native tribes' customs and traditions, gaining a deeper appreciation for the African culture.

One of the highlights of the movie is the stunning African scenery, captured on film in all its natural beauty. The movie makes excellent use of location shots, giving viewers a sense of the vastness and diversity of the African landscape. Additionally, the movie portrays the natives in a respectful and sympathetic manner, showing them as people with their own beliefs, cultures, and way of life.

As the group approaches the Dagnyi camp, they face their biggest challenge yet. The Dagnyis, who had kidnapped Sheila, are an aggressive tribe that is notorious for sacrificing outsiders to their god. Horn and his companions must navigate the tribe's dangerous terrain while also avoiding detection. Along the way, they must come up with a plan to rescue Sheila and escape safely.

The movie climaxes in a thrilling action sequence where Horn, Peru, and Barnes fight off the Dagnyis in a desperate attempt to rescue Sheila. The sequence is well choreographed and shot, and the tension builds effectively as the group tries to escape as the Dagnyis pursue them.

Trader Horn is a classic adventure movie that offers a captivating storyline, stunning scenery, and a great cast. Harry Carey delivers a solid performance as the brave trader, and Edwina Booth complements him well as his fearless companion. Additionally, Duncan Renaldo brings an added dimension to the movie as the native warrior, Rencharo.

Overall, Trader Horn is an entertaining and thrilling movie that will captivate audiences with its blend of action, adventure, and cultural exploration. It is a true classic that has stood the test of time and remains a must-watch for anyone who loves adventure movies.

Trader Horn
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