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Trevor opens with a young boy laid out on a freshly cut lawn in front of his home in the middle of the day; the handle of a kitchen knife is apparently protruding from out of his back. His mother comes out of the house, walks over to her son’s body, and snatches the utensil out of the ground before proceeding to head back inside, nonchalantly.

The short film follows the life of a mild-mannered thirteen year old boy growing up in 1981 who idolizes Diana Ross, practices ballet, is invisible to his own parents, and adores the company of an athletic fellow classmate by the name of Pinky Faraday. As the story progresses, Trevor reveals his dream of dressing as his idol for Halloween and subsequently struggles with the idea of his own sexuality and whether or not he is, in fact, gay.

As Trevor begins coming to terms with his own identity, the secret is leaked among his schoolmates, resulting in rumors that drive a rift between him and his counterparts, including his best friend, Pinky once the news gets to him. Once his parents locate his diary, Trevor’s parents began showering him with an outpouring of attention, followed by a surprise visit from a local priest who questions the young boy about his sexual fantasies. This exchange, alongside the neglect from his fellow classmates at his school, drives him to ponder the idea of employing electroshock therapy on himself and even moving to San Francisco to find a home around like-minded individuals.

Trevor struggles to accept his true self, documenting his thoughts in his diary, which his parents discover one day, causing them to spread more time with their son after discovering his true feelings. All the while, he continues to long for companionship and the acceptance of those closest to him, which he finds towards the end of the film through a candy striper after being hospitalized following an overdose from trying to take his own life.

Not Rated
| 1994 | 23 min | 7.6/10
Brett Barsky, Judy Kain, John Lizzi, Jonah Rooney
Peggy Rajski
Produced By
Peggy Rajski, Kim A. Snyder, Randy Stone
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