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The movie Lilies was set inside of a Quebec prison in the year 1952. It follows Jean Bilodeau (Sabourin) who is the local bishop and is brought to visit the prison to hear the confessions of a prisoner, Simon Doucet (Pallascio), who is a dying inmate. However, Doucet has a very different revelation about Bilodeau and enlists all his other inmates to stage a play that is set in 1912. This was when Bilodeau as well as Doucet were friends as children.

The play in the movie was presented by Doucet and Bilodeau. It is taken placed inside the prison, where the female characters are portrayed by male prisoners. While the young Simon and Bilodeau are performed by the young inmates. This play dramatizes a time in the childhood of Simon and Bilodeau in Roberval Quebec. This was the time when they were both learning about their homosexuality. Simon is then romantically linked to a man named Vallier, while Bilodeau tries to convince him to join the seminary.

All of them are involved in school play drama of saint Sebastian where Simon plays the main role. St. Sebastian creates a play on the homoerotic undertones that contribute to Bilodeau's sexuality which then involves his love for Simon. Bilodeau however, recognizes the relationship of Vallier and Simon so decides to confront them after the play's rehearsals.

The play then reveals a brutal murder of Vallier which Simon Doucet the prisoner was falsely accused, arrest, and convicted for a long time ago. Basically, the play was made not for Doucet to confess all of his sins, however to be a play that confesses the guilt that Bilodeau had created in his past. In his rage of Simpn being with Vallier, he decided to murder him. In a result, Bilodeau then asks Doucet him to murder him, however he refuses.

| 1996 | 1 hr 35 min | 7.3/10
Ian D. Clark, Marcel Sabourin, Aubert Pallascio, Jason Cadieux
John Greyson
Produced By
Robin Cass, Arnie Gelbart, Anna Stratton
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