Tubby the Tuba

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Tubby the Tuba is a charming animated movie about a tuba who is unsatisfied with the noise he makes and his role in the orchestra. This animated adaptation to Paul Tripp's popular children's book features the voice talents of Dick Van Dyke, Pearl Bailey, Jack Gilford, and Hermione Gingold. The movie is centered around Tubby's journey of self-discovery.

A member of an orchestra, Tubby is the big brass instrument who plays an oompah-oompah sound as opposed to the other delicate musical instruments who play beautiful melodies. The other instruments make fun of him and tell him that tubas are not meant to play melodies. Poor little Tubby is uncomfortable with himself and the big, unique noise he makes. On his way home, discouraged and embarrassed, Tubby encounters a bullfrog. This bullfrog plays a unique song and convinces Tubby that a tuba can make pleasant melodies too. Encouraged by the frog, Tubby adopts the unique tune as his own and plays it in the band. As the story progresses, movie viewers will witness the delightful transformation of Tubby, as he goes from weak and lacking in confidence, to a valuable and much-loved member of the orchestra.

The movie addresses a common issue among children and even some adults. This issue is a bad feeling of being different. As they watch Tubby struggle with finding and being confident with himself and finally triumphing, viewers will be encouraged to be confident in themselves too. Tubby proves that what we may see as flaws are actually our best assets and what make us special. Delightful and engaging, Tubby is engaging for all ages and will awaken the inner child in any adults who choose to watch. Fans of brass instruments will also enjoy the highlight of the unique tuba musical instrument.

1977 | 1 hr 21 min
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Alexander Schure
Produced By
Barry Yellin, Steven Carlin, Alexander Schure
Tubby the Tuba
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