Two Soldiers

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This motion picture tells the endearing tale of a younger brother's love and desire to be at the side of his older brother, at all costs. The film is set in the state of Mississippi, just before the devastating attacks on the U.S. Naval fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Portrayed is the story of two brothers, the older being Pete, and the young brother being Willie. After the news of a devastating attack reaches town, Pete becomes enamored by the idea of enlisting in the military to fight for his country. Willie is absolutely devastated and is not about to let his brother leave without him.

Not Rated
| 2004 | 40 min | 7.2/10
Jonathan Furr, Ben Allison, Ron Perlman, David Andrews
Aaron Schneider
Produced By
Bob Ducsay, Kate Miller, Betsy Pollock, Andrew J. Sacks, Aaron Schneider
Two Soldiers
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Also directed by Aaron Schneider