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  • 1961
  • 6.2  (355)

Vanina Vanini is a 1961 Italian-French historical drama film directed by Roberto Rossellini, based on the novel of the same name by Stendhal. The film stars Sandra Milo, Laurent Terzieff, and Martine Carol in lead roles. Set in 1820s Italy, the film tells the story of Vanina Vanini (Sandra Milo), a wealthy and beautiful young woman with aristocratic roots in Rome. Vanina falls in love with Carlo, a revolutionary who seeks to overthrow the Austrian rule in Italy. Carlo is also the lover of her cousin Anna, who is unhappily married to a wealthy Count. When Carlo is arrested and sentenced to death, Vanina decides to rescue him by asking her powerful father to intercede on his behalf. However, her father refuses to help, and Carlo is executed.

Vanina becomes deeply disillusioned with her father's callousness and the aristocratic society she belongs to. She seeks refuge with the revolutionaries, who are hiding in the woods. There, she meets Pietro (Laurent Terzieff), a young and handsome revolutionary who is deeply committed to the cause. Vanina and Pietro fall in love, and she decides to help him by providing shelter and supplies to his group.

Meanwhile, Vanina's father arranges a marriage for her with the powerful Duke Livio (Romolo Valli), whose political influence he hopes to gain. Vanina reluctantly agrees to the marriage, but on the night of her wedding, she runs away with Pietro. The couple lives in hiding, moving from place to place, as they are pursued by the police and the Duke's men.

As the revolution gains momentum, Vanina becomes more and more involved in the cause. She becomes a symbol of the revolution, inspiring the people with her courage and her passion. However, her love for Pietro is also her weakness. When Pietro is arrested, Vanina is torn between her loyalty to the cause and her love for him.

Vanina Vanini is a powerful and poignant exploration of love, politics, and revolution. Sandra Milo delivers a powerful performance as Vanina, a woman torn between her passion and her duty. Laurent Terzieff is equally impressive as Pietro, a young revolutionary who is willing to risk everything for his ideals. Martine Carol also delivers a memorable performance as Anna, Vanina's beautiful and tragic cousin.

Roberto Rossellini's direction is subtle and profound, capturing the mood and atmosphere of 19th-century Italy with great accuracy. The film's cinematography is also impressive, with beautiful and evocative shots of the Italian countryside.

In summary, Vanina Vanini is a beautiful and moving film that explores the complexities of human relationships, politics, and revolution. Its themes are timeless and universal, and its message is as relevant today as it was in the 1960s.

Vanina Vanini
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