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  • 2004
  • 163 hr
  • 7.1  (1,154)

Vettam is a 2004 Malayalam romantic comedy film directed by Priyadarshan, starring Dileep, Bhavna Pani, and Kalabhavan Mani in lead roles. The film revolves around a case of mistaken identity and its aftermath. The plot of the film follows the life of a young man named Sreekumar, who is struggling to make ends meet in his life. He works as a salesman of electronic goods and is often ridiculed by his colleagues and superiors for his inefficiency. He lives alone in a small one-room apartment in a bustling city and has no friends or family to rely on.

One day, Sreekumar accidentally meets a beautiful woman named Maya in a park, and they share a brief conversation. Sreekumar is smitten by Maya's charming personality and falls in love with her at first sight. However, Maya leaves the park abruptly, and Sreekumar is unable to find her.

As fate would have it, Sreekumar's life takes an unexpected turn when he is mistaken for a millionaire businessman named Ramesh Nambiar. He is forced to assume Nambiar's identity and attend a business meeting in his place. Despite his initial reluctance, Sreekumar reluctantly agrees to impersonate Nambiar, hoping to earn some quick money.

However, things get complicated when Maya re-enters Sreekumar's life, this time as Ramesh Nambiar's fiancée. Sreekumar is torn between his love for Maya and his guilt for lying to her about his real identity. To make matters worse, he also has to deal with Nambiar's enemies, who are out to harm him.

The rest of the film follows Sreekumar's attempts to keep up the charade and prevent his true identity from getting revealed. He also tries to win Maya's heart while dealing with the challenges of being a businessman. The film is full of humorous situations and witty one-liners that keep the audience entertained throughout.

The performances of the lead actors are top-notch, with Dileep delivering a standout performance as Sreekumar. He effortlessly portrays the character's vulnerability, innocence, and comical timing, making the audience root for him till the end. Bhavna Pani, who plays Maya, also delivers an impressive performance as a headstrong and independent woman. Kalabhavan Mani, who plays the role of Nambiar's friend, provides the much-needed comic relief in the film.

The film's direction and screenplay are also noteworthy, with director Priyadarshan delivering a fast-paced and entertaining film. The film's music, composed by Berny-Ignatius, is also a highlight of the film, with catchy tunes that stay with the audience long after the film is over.

In conclusion, Vettam is a must-watch film for all those who love romantic comedies. The film's witty dialogues, well-executed plot, and stellar performances make it a joy to watch. The film's portrayal of mistaken identity is relatable and adds a unique twist to the film's narrative. Overall, Vettam is a fun-filled and entertaining film that is sure to leave a smile on the viewer's face.

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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    163 hr
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  • IMDB Rating
    7.1  (1,154)