Volcanoes of the Deep Sea

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Volcanoes of the Deep Sea is a science documentary about exploration of volcanic regions of the ocean floor. A team of scientists take the famous submersible research vessel, Alvin, 12,000 feet beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean to the site of a chain of underwater volcanoes known as the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The video footage of Alvin's journey captures the activity of the team as they explore this region of the ocean where heated magma and minerals are released onto the ocean floor from deep under the Earth's crust. On their journey, the team searches for specific forms of life that thrive in the mineral-rich environment near the underwater volcanic vents.

Not Rated
| 2003 | 40 min | 6.9/10
Ed Harris, Richard Lutz
Stephen Low
Produced By
Alex Low Pietro L. Serapiglia
Volcanoes of the Deep Sea
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