Walking Wounded: Return to the Frontline

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  • 2013
  • 53 min
  • 7.7  (11)

Walking Wounded: Return to the Frontline is a drama film from 2013 that follows the story of a war reporter named Emma (played by Gina McKee) who returns to Afghanistan to cover the war after taking a break due to a traumatic experience. Upon her return, she is accompanied by her mentor, Jack (played by James Purefoy), who is a veteran journalist covering the war for the first time.

The movie explores the mental and emotional toll that covering war and conflict can have on journalists, soldiers, and civilians alike. Emma, who has been reporting on the frontlines for years, is haunted by memories of a past assignment where she witnessed a massacre. She struggles to keep her composure and remain impartial, especially when she witnesses the devastation of war firsthand.

Through Emma's character, the film delves into the psychological effects of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and how it can affect a person's relationships and daily life. Emma's relationships with her boyfriend, Jamie (played by Nathaniel Parker), and her local fixer, Fahrad (played by Khalid Abdalla), are strained as she tries to cope with her traumatic experiences.

The film also sheds light on the challenges faced by journalists reporting on wars and conflicts, including the need to balance objectivity with empathy and compassion. Emma and Jack both struggle with the ethics of their job, and whether their reporting can truly make a difference. They grapple with the harsh reality that the stories they report may ultimately fall on deaf ears, and that their efforts to expose the truth may be futile.

Walking Wounded: Return to the Frontline also explores the impact of war on the local population, particularly women and children. Through Fahrad's character and the experiences of the Afghan civilians he works with, the film highlights the devastating consequences of war on innocent civilians. We see the challenges faced by those who try to help, including aid workers, doctors, and social workers, who are often risking their lives to provide essential support to those affected by the conflict.

The film is beautifully shot, with stunning cinematography capturing the rugged beauty of Afghanistan's landscape, as well as the devastation of war. The acting is exceptional, particularly from Gina McKee, who gives a powerful and layered performance as Emma. James Purefoy is also excellent as the veteran journalist grappling with his own ethical dilemmas.

Walking Wounded: Return to the Frontline is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged film that sheds light on the often-overlooked effects of war on journalists and civilians alike. It is a reminder of the importance of bearing witness to the truth, even in the face of overwhelming adversity.

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