Wall of Separation

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  • 2007
  • 56 min
  • 6.3  (16)

Wall of Separation (2007) is a compelling drama directed by Chris Durlacher and starring the talented Liev Schreiber. Set in contemporary times, this thought-provoking film explores the powerful themes of religion, morality, and the search for truth within a society divided by a strong wall of separation. The movie takes place in a small fictional town named Clearstream, located somewhere in the heart of the United States. Clearstream is a close-knit community filled with citizens who are deeply rooted in their religious beliefs. They have a strong conviction in maintaining a clear distinction between church and state, following the principles laid out by the founding fathers.

Liev Schreiber plays the role of Michael Clarke, a young attorney who reluctantly returns to his hometown after years of living and working in the city. Michael left Clearstream as a fervent believer, but his experiences in the outside world have left him questioning his faith and the values instilled in him from childhood.

Upon his return, he is immediately confronted by his zealous father, Pastor John Clarke, portrayed brilliantly by another seasoned actor. Pastor John is the charismatic leader of the local church and a respected figure amongst his congregation. However, he vehemently opposes any form of alliance or compromise with secular authorities, firmly advocating for the preservation of the wall of separation.

As the story unfolds, a controversial incident occurs that shakes the foundations of Clearstream. A young high school teacher, Rebecca Lawson, played by a talented up-and-coming actress, finds herself at the center of a firestorm. Rebecca has simply been teaching her students about different belief systems and religious perspectives, encouraging them to be tolerant and open-minded. However, some parents within the community view her actions as a repudiation of their own faith, and they demand that she be fired.

Michael, grappling with his own religious doubts, is drawn into the battle. Initially, he is inclined to support the parents' demands, as he sees it as an opportunity to address the inconsistencies he sees in his own upbringing. However, the more he learns about Rebecca and her genuine intentions, the more he begins to question his own beliefs and the righteousness of the wall of separation.

The film delves into the complexities of religious freedom, balancing the rights of individuals to exercise their faith with the obligation to respect and coexist with differing beliefs. It raises important questions about the responsibilities of educators in a diverse society and challenges the traditional notion of secularism.

Throughout the narrative, the audience witnesses the struggles faced by both Michael and Rebecca. Michael must confront his past, the beliefs he once blindly followed, and face the prospect of alienating his family and community if he dares to question the wall of separation. On the other hand, Rebecca stands firm in her conviction that religious education should promote understanding and inclusivity, but she faces threats to her livelihood and reputation.

Wall of Separation is an intriguing exploration of the human condition within the context of faith and society. It takes viewers on a deeply personal journey as the characters grapple with their own biases and confront the consequences of their actions and beliefs. The film serves as a powerful reminder of the complexities and challenges inherent in navigating the often contentious intersection between religion and politics.

With exceptional performances from the talented cast, particularly Liev Schreiber showcasing his versatility as an actor with his portrayal of a man torn between loyalty and personal growth, Wall of Separation shines a light on topical issues that resonate with audiences across different belief systems. The thought-provoking storyline, coupled with the film's beautiful cinematography, creates an emotional and immersive viewing experience that will leave audiences reflecting on their own beliefs and the meaning of religious freedom.

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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    56 min
  • IMDB Rating
    6.3  (16)