Warriors of Virtue 2: The Return to Tao

Warriors of Virtue 2: The Return of Tao follows a young disabled high school student named Ryan Jeffers. Due to his injury, he spends most of his days reading comics books while he imagines himself in other worlds looking to embark on new adventures. Ryan decides to stop by at his favorite hangout to visit the owner who gives him a Tao manuscript. This manuscript represents the five elements that make upthe mythology of Tao. Supposedly, te purpose of this book is to lead Ryan toward his true enlightenment. After Ryan takes the book and as soon as this happens, Ryan is teleported into a mysterious land called Tao.

In this mystical land, Ryan's disabilty is gone completely and he can finally walk normally again. After this discovery, he is then attacked and tries to escape from them. In doing so, he ends up losing his backpack with the book of Tao inside. From there, Ryan encounters two interesting characters that cross his path. A dwarf and a beautiful woman. They both lead him to a Master that is the leader of the Warriors of Virtue. These warriors are 5 anthropomorphic kangaroos that hold the powers of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These warriors are interesting in finding the Manuscript of Legend.

The Land of Tao is in danger due to an evil komodo warload and his army of henchmen destroying the land in their quest for eternal youth. These minions are on the hunt for a special and unique mineral called "zubrium". The anthromorphic warriors join forces to stop Komodo's evil plans once and for all in order to retrive the missing manuscript.

The warriors take over the fortress and defeat Komodo at his evil game. After the battle, the warrirs retrive the manuscript and Ryan returns home just before he is lured into an initation by the quarterback of the school.

| 2002 | 1 hr 33 min | 3.9/10
Kevin Smith, Nathan Phillips, Nina Liu, Shedrack Anderson III
Michael Vickerman
Produced By
Bruce Gordon, Xiaowan Li, Tom Parkinson, Seth Willenson, Forrest Sloan Wright
Warriors of Virtue 2: The Return to Tao
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