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  • 2022
  • 1 hr 38 min
  • 6.3  (10,903)
  • 57

Wedding Season is a delightful blend of romantic comedy and cultural commentary, released in 2022 and directed by Tom Dey. It stars a talented cast, with Pallavi Sharda, Suraj Sharma, and Arianna Afsar bringing their characters to life. This film is an insightful look into the pressures of tradition versus the desires of the modern heart, presenting a story that resonates with audiences familiar with the balancing act between individual aspirations and family expectations.

The story unfolds with the vibrant backdrop of an American-Indian community, with its colorful weddings serving as the focal points of the plot. The lead characters are Asha Maurya, played by the radiant Pallavi Sharda, and Ravi Shah, portrayed by the charming Suraj Sharma. Asha is a high-achieving career woman with a strong-willed, independent spirit. She's navigating the complex world of finance while juggling the weight of her family's expectations. Having reached a certain age, she faces the relentless pressure to settle down and get married, much to her consternation and despite her professional success.

Ravi Shah, on the other hand, represents a distinct yet parallel narrative. As a young man with a kind heart and an easy-going nature, he struggles with his own aspirations versus the ones his family has for him. Balancing his artistic passions with a career that doesn't quite fit his dreams, Ravi also encounters the familial push to find a wife and begin the next chapter of life as defined by cultural norms.

The title Wedding Season refers to the time of year when nuptials are in full swing, and for Asha and Ravi, it's a season of dodging matchmaking attempts and enduring the ever-present question: "When will you get married?" The two characters cross paths under these comedic yet frustrating circumstances, and an unexpected alliance forms between them as they devise a plan to navigate the social minefield of matrimonial expectations.

Asha and Ravi decide to pretend they are a couple to get through wedding season. This arrangement benefits them both: Asha gets her traditional family off her back, and Ravi appeases his parents while figuring out his next steps in life. Their ruse is simple enough—by attending weddings together, they appear to be fulfilling their duties in the quest for wedded bliss, consequently buying themselves some breathing room from the pressure-cooker environment of matchmaking.

What follows is a series of colorful and comedic events that make up the bulk of the film. Asha and Ravi, bound by their mutual understanding and pact, participate in numerous weddings, engaging in dances, celebrations, and rituals that encapsulate the rich and diverse Indian wedding traditions. Through these shared experiences, the film takes us on a journey filled with elaborate outfits, lively music, and the sort of chaotic fun that only a desi wedding can provide.

As they spend more time together, Asha and Ravi's relationship begins to evolve. The pretense of their partnership starts blurring the lines between fiction and reality, and they find themselves drawn to each other for reasons beyond their initial agreement. Pallavi Sharda and Suraj Sharma demonstrate a magnetic on-screen chemistry that makes their interactions believable and endearing. Their performances convey the emotional depth needed to make the characters' internal conflicts and growing affection for each other both relatable and compelling.

The film does not shy away from tackling more profound themes amidst its lightheartedness. Wedding Season explores the struggles faced by first-generation immigrants caught between two cultures—striving to honor their heritage while embracing the freedom to choose their own path in a modern world. It also examines the dynamics of parental expectations and the generational divide in handling relationships and personal goals.

Each wedding they attend not only propels Asha and Ravi's relationship forward but also provides a backdrop for exploring a larger tapestry of stories within the community. The film is peppered with a cast of supporting characters, including Arianna Afsar, who add their unique flavors to the mix. These characters, too, are grappling with their own aspirations and societal pressures, further enriching the narrative.

Throughout the film, the use of humor is well-balanced with tender moments, granting viewers both laughs and a sense of heartwarming satisfaction. Director Tom Dey skillfully navigates the storytelling so that it doesn't fall into the trap of clichés often found in romantic comedies. Instead, Wedding Season manages to stay fresh and engaging, providing audiences with moments of reflection, even amidst the most humorous scenes.

Summing up, Wedding Season is a feel-good movie that ultimately delivers an empowering message. It champions the idea that one can respect and love their cultural roots while also pursuing what makes them genuinely happy. It's a festive celebration of love and identity that encourages viewers to find their own version of a fairy-tale ending, whether that aligns with tradition or not.

Wedding Season is a 2022 romance movie with a runtime of 1 hour and 38 minutes. It has received moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.3 and a MetaScore of 57.

Wedding Season
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