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"What Happened Today", is a short public awareness movie released in September of 2004. It was produced, written and directed by Nick Usher. The storyline is primarily promoting road safety and is designed to encourage greater public awareness about the potential hazards on the roadways and sidewalks. The primary plot of the film is about a young girl who is struck down by a motorist. The movie goes through a series of events that follow the accident and her plight. Once she is struck, the accident causes the young girl to suffer injuries and become unconscious. She is rushed to the local hospital for treatment. The storyline and plot then goes through several twists and turns and tries to portray the many varied road safety issues from a few different angles. Once the girl regains consciousness, and starts to speak of the trauma, she runs into an old classmate. They share stories of roadway hazards. As an avid cyclist, he too has had his own troubles on the roadways and offers her a bit of his wisdom. The most important part of this movie is the plot as it goes through a series of pedestrian and cycle safety lessons providing real life road and off road scenarios that could pose a problem for the people. The movie is intended to enlighten people about the many potential hazards that pedestrians and cyclists and cyclists face. The plot highlights the difficulties of poor automobile safety and teaches drivers and pedestrians how to be more alert and safety conscious. The film was made produced and released in 2004. The cast and crew that produced the film were primarily made up of students who acted and assisted in the production of this film for the local council which addresses public safety awareness as an important way to improve pedestrian and cyclist road safety. The movie was filmed in the two townships of Hatfield and Hertfordshire UK.

2004 | 15 min
Nick Usher
What Happened Today...?